Cameron Buford

What’s Good In Sports Founder, Writer & Voice of Fans Podcast Host

Los Angeles, CA


What’s Good In Sports is a labor of love that’s been in the works since 2011.  It naturally fits who I am as it relates to my love and passion for sports. Creating a forum to share my knowledge of sports with other sports fans like myself is exciting for me. I plan to provide fresh perspective that highlights the respectful and positive attributes of athletes and their work in their various communities. Growing up as a kid in Seattle, I experienced meeting professional players who served as positive role models that also impacted my love for sports. The What’s Good In Sports website and our weekly VOF (Voice of fans) podcast will takes a unique look into sports related current events as well as highlight the human experience of the athlete.


Growing up in Seattle…


Growing up in Seattle, WA, my summers as a youth were spent playing and competing in sports at the Boys Club in the Central District. Notable and legendary Sonics players like Dennis Johnson, Gus Williams, Jack Sikma and Lonnie Shelton, and others would make regular visits to the Boys Club and we made frequent field trips to their games at the historic, now demolished, Kingdome. Needless to say, I became a major fan of the Seattle Supersonics and remember vividly when they won the NBA Championship in 1979, their legacy was cemented in the city. The Supersonics departure from the city still remains a sore subject for me and other ardent fans of that Seattle Supersonics!


In 1976, Seattle was awarded an expansion team- the birth of the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks were undoubtedly welcomed with open arms by many other football fans like myself. My fandom switched to the Miami Dolphins as a result of a bet with my father prior to the 1981 Super Bowl between the Washington Redskins and the Miami Dolphins. Although my football allegiance switched to the Miami Dolphins, I was extremely happy that my family and friends (who most remained Seahawks fans) were able to celebrate the 2013 Seahawks Super Bowl victory.


What’s Good In Sports…


Through the website and our weekly VOF podcast, I plan to accentuate the positive activities of athletes in their various communities. I also plan to share fun, informative and insightful stories with sports fans from all over. I encourage and welcome you to engage with me, so feel free to reach out and/or share any stories you think might be important or worthy of sharing. My plan is to create an experience for sports fans to visit and share the love of sports in a way that also promotes positivity.


It’s all good in sports!